Bring It! ver. 2.0

I’ve been informed that there are a couple things missing from the original “Bring It!” post. So, without further BS:

Finger and Toe Nails
Make sure your finger and toenails (and hands and feet for that matter) are properly groomed. Keep your nails clean and filed to a uniform length, and make sure your skin is soft and smooth. If your nails are painted, it should be done with clear or nude polish (unless the job requires otherwise), and you should take care to ensure your polish is not chipped or bubbled.

If you are going to be doing nudes, implied nudes, or will be wearing skimpy clothing in public (or adverse weather), it is recommended that you bring a robe to wear on set. Once you are on set, you can remove the robe and hand it to the assistant, or toss it out of frame.

Changing on location shoots can be tricky. Some models are fine whipping their clothes off whereever, while others aren’t. If you’re one who isn’t, and there are no public restrooms to change into, consider investing in a pop up changing tent to keep with you. OMP has them for a fairly reasonable price, but they can be found at various places online, and also in some sporting goods stores. Shop around if you’re looking to get one.

Random Stuff
Some photographers are crazy anal about their studio floor and backdrops. You might want to keep clear packing tape or electrical tape in your kit so you can stick it on the bottom of your shoes to avoid dirtying and scuffing their floors and backdrops.

It’s also a good idea to wear or bring comfortable walking shoes. Not flip flops. Especially if you’re doing a location shoot. You never know how far you’ll have to walk, and on what kind of surfaces. Protecting your feet is a good idea, and can prevent you from breaking a toe, puncturing your foot, or spraining an ankle.

A towel can always come in handy, especially on location shoots. Consider keeping a towel or blanket in your car’s trunk, so you have it at the ready should you need one.