The Great Sita Mae wrote*:
Things that don’t matter are starting to irritate me again.

Today’s irritation? The assumption that someone (whether model or photographer) who pursues their craft as an enjoyable hobby must suck. That the only good models and photographers are full-time, bank-making professionals. That if you pursue something you love purely for the love of it, you can’t possibly be any good at it.

I think it is kind of a sad reflection on the state of our collective mentality that there is such a pervasive feeling that the only worth an activity has must be measured in dollars.

Just because someone pursues modeling or photography as a passion, rather than to pay the rent, doesn’t mean they aren’t serious or dedicated. And it for damn sure doesn’t mean they’re no good.

My Response:
I’ve gotten this attitude before as well.

In fact, I’ve been flat out told I’m not worth anything as a model because I’m a hobbyist. And numerous people have told me I should just keep doing my dayjob and give up modeling, because what’s the point of modeling if I won’t make a living at it or be famous?

Evidently, one can be passionate about (and spend loads of time and money ..ing, writing, making necklaces out of tiny beads, or fighting puppy mills (all past or present hobbies of mine), but when the same person wants to model as a hobby, it’s a “waste of time and money”, it’s “silly and pointless”, and it’s “going to get [me] killed”. But demonstrating at a pet store and nearly getting arrested is not only fine, but better? Uh huh.


I don’t let them get me down. In fact, I let them inspire me to do better 🙂

*The above was posted on the MM forums some time ago. Here’s a link to the thread.

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