Shit Happens

I “flaked” on a shoot this weekend. That’s right, I said it. And I’ll say it again: I “flaked” on a shoot this weekend.

I didn’t, by my definition, actually flake (no-show, no-call). I did, however, cancel at the last minute. The very last-minute. In fact, my phone call to the photographer came about 5 minutes after I was supposed to be on set.

I was running about 20 minutes behind schedule due to some incompetent fools tieups at the bank. I got in the car and saw I’d missed 3 phonecalls from my fiance, so I called him back. I tell you, it’s quite upsetting to hear, “I just got into an accident. I’m ok, but I think the car is totaled. I’ll have to call you back, I’m talking to the police right now.”

Oh man. I called the photographer immediately, told him I wasn’t going to make it and why. Luckily, we’re more or less friends and we work together, so he knows I wouldn’t lie. Especially about something like this. He could also probably hear the near-tears-panic in my voice. Regardless, he was fine putting the shoot off until another day, and told me to go.

So I did. I had the sense to snap a shot of the car once it was up on the tow truck (my fiance snapped some after the accident and whatnot).

:sigh: Yea. It was pretty bad. All in all, my fiance’s ok… bruises, scratches, and lots of soreness. And everyone else involved was ok as well. But nothing broken, thankfully. The car can be replaced.

To all you photographers who think a last-minute cancellation excuse is always bullshit: Just remember, shit happens.

And to all you photographers who are understanding when shit does happen: You make this much easier. Thank you.

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