Weekend Plans

Starting this afternoon, I’ve got the following going on:

Shoot with Jim Jurica and Stacy Brogan
I’m working with these two photographers on some commercial stuff. I’m on my way to making my portfolio more commercial, and therefore (hopefully) more marketable to photographers like the 2 I’m working with this afternoon. It’s going to be a long, challenging process, but worth it.

Wedding Stuff
Completely unrelated to modeling, but fun and exciting no less. If things go as planned, we’ll be ordering a dress tomorrow :does happy dance:

M&G at Mr. Beef & Pizza in Mt. Prospect
Saturday night I’m hosting (along with Hal Eskew and Caity B) a M&G for the Chicagoland MM community (though it’s not limited to just MM, that’s where we’re all primarily doing our networking). It starts at 7P, and goes until 10P (or whenever they kick us out). The restaurant is willing to work out a monthly arrangement with us, which is awesome, and we didn’t have to shell out a bunch of cash to reserve their private room. It should be fun, and will hopefully be a success!

Laundry, Cleaning Out the Closet, Dog Park, & Being Lazy
Some or all of the above is what I’ll be doing Sunday. Woo!


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