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October 27, 2008

M&G Follow-Up: Sat. Oct. 25

The M&G was a success. For the most part.

Location = Success
Mr. Beef & Pizza is more than happy to work with us on a monthly schedule. I have requested the first Saturday of every month. They are going to let me know, as there is another group that meets that night. As of right now, I’m still waiting to hear from them. But I’m in no huge hurry, as I let the manager know that we won’t be meeting the first Saturday of next month (which is this weekend). If I don’t hear from him soon, I’ll place a call. But I’m pleased that they’re willing to have us back, and that they’re more than willing to work with our group monthly.

And just as I’m about to post this, Mr. Beef & Pizza called me. We’re in, for the last Saturday of every month! Woo!!

Turnout = Meh
The turnout wasn’t too bad. 100% of the photographers who said they’d be there showed. That’s no shock. Three others came who weren’t on the original list (one of whom posted in the thread at the last minute that he’d be there). Overall, there were 14 photographers.

Model turnout, however, left much to be desired. Three of us showed up, out of the 7 who said they’d be there (8 if you count one who dropped out on the 20th). Two of the girls were MMers, who posted up that they wouldn’t be there–one on the 24th, and one early morning on the 25th. One was a non-MMer who let the photographer she was coming with know she was unable to come, and he posted for her. And one girl just didn’t show… despite posting up that she was on her way. Turns out, if you do a bit of research, you’ll find out that she’s fine, and that she didn’t get into trouble along the way (which was my first concern, seeing as she never showed up). Of course, her lack of remorse for not showing and not apologizing to anyone has landed her on at least two flake lists (one being my own). Her loss.

Final Thoughts
I plan on doing it again, of course. However, I’m not sure what to do, still, to get more models to come out. It seems that nothing works with a lot of these people. And I know, I know, we’re dealing with Internet Models here. But hey, [i]I’m[/i] an Internet Model, and I honor my commitments. I would also like more MUAs and stylists to come out. :shrug: One thing is certain though: I would like M&Gs to remain free (as in no ‘entrance fee’ or obligation to buy food), so asking certain parties to pay is something I’m not willing to do. I’ll have to think about it, though I’m open to suggestions as well, so if you have any, feel free to add a comment.

Also, I got 5 shoot offers last night. FIVE.

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