ANTM: She Shouldn’t Get to do That! She’s Atheist!!

Last week on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), one of the girls won the challenge. The reward for winning the challenge was getting to do a holiday-themed shoot for Seventeen magazine.

That really pissed off some of the other contestants. Why? No, silly, not because the girl won and didn’t “deserve” it, but because the winner was Atheist, and since she doesn’t believe in god/religion, she shouldn’t get to do a holiday-themed shoot. They flat out didn’t think it was fair that the Atheist girl was shooting something that was religious-based. As you can imagine, much bitching ensued.

Now, with this week’s episode coming up, I’ve decided it’s something that needs touching on. I’ve also decided that if Tyra didn’t talk to the girls about this, she’s dumb.

If a client is paying a model to do a job, it shouldn’t matter what the model’s beliefs are. She’s doing a job. Period.

Now, before you all get hollerin’ about exceptions, there are always exceptions. There are models who won’t wear fur, who won’t pose nude, who won’t use products tested on animals… the list goes on and on. However, if a model chooses not to do a job based on beliefs, that’s one thing. It’s a completely different thing for others to try to make those decisions for the model, based on their belief that something “unfair” is going on.

Life is unfair. Modeling is even more unfair. Get over it.

Instead of spending the energy bitching about how the winner was modeling for something she didn’t even believe in, those girls should have been figuring out why they didn’t win, and should have been working on improving themselves as models.

But of course, if they did that, ANTM wouldn’t have a show, would they? 😉

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