The following opinion was posted on a modeling forum. It’s not quite verbatim, but it’s close.

Is it me, or do all overweight, unattractive models on this site do nude photos for TFP and the attractive models need to get paid.

I’m sorry if I sound mean, cause I’m the nicest guy, but I’ve come across this way to much.

I see a person on this site that is not that great (as a model) and they shoot nudes want want to work with me and I don’t even wan to do it (even for pay sometimes).

Then you get the new models on this site that say they are models even know they are just regular people who are building their portfolios who never did a shoot before that want TFP – but they don’t even know what it is.

The wonderful world of TFP in the modeling industry – got to love it!

And I chose not to address it entirely on the forums, mostly because I don’t want to get temporarily banned from the forums. But I feel it needs addressing, because certainly there are many other people in the modeling and photography realm who feel the same way.

First of all, I used the word “opinion” earlier, and that’s exactly what the above is–this one asshole’s opinion. My opinion is that he’s got a bad attitude, despite being “the nicest guy”, and that sooner or later (likely sooner now that he’s aired this particular opinion) his attitude is going to bite him in the ass. It wouldn’t surprise me if, in a few months, he posts whining about not being able to find models to shoot with.

Second, as a photographer, your job is to shoot what the client wants. If the client wants fat, ugly, pimply-faced naked people, then that’s what you shoot. Likewise, if they want skinny, blonde, big-boobed people, then that’s what you shoot. Your client is paying you to do a job, not to voice your opinion about it. You voice your opinion about it too much, and chances are, they’ll go pay someone who can keep their piehole shut and do their job.

Now, if you’re shooting for yourself, then it’s a different story. Shooting for yourself means that you have the option of saying, “thanks, but I’m not interested in working with you”. Of course, it’s still a good idea to keep your mouth shut about what you think about some of the models who contact you… but if you choose not to, it’s best to post shit like that in a blog, not in a public forum where potential clients (and models who may have been interested in working with you) might come across it.

I’ll note here that the person who posted the above rant has recanted his statement and apologized for it. Of course, umpteen billion people have quoted it already. But at least he apologized for offending anyone.

Anyway, shit like the opinion this guy posted pisses me off. Being a model isn’t always about being pretty. Art isn’t always attractive. Photographs don’t always have to have pretty people in them. There’s always a need, somewhere, for someone who’s less than perfect. And sometimes, as a photographer, you need to get over your personal preferences, shut up, and do your job.

Edit: Ok, so it wasn’t likely bad enough to get me put in time out… but it’s much better writing stuff like this here anyway, juuuust in case.


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