Halloweenie. Ha, I said “weenie”.

Tomorrow we’re having a costume contest at work. I’m going to be a pirate. Not a sexy pirate though. The plan is to look like I stepped off the set of Pirates of the Carribean. If you’re lucky, I’ll share pictures.

I’ve worn the costume before, for 4 years actually, and have been making minor changes every year. This year, I need to make pants. Seems that in my drunkenness having fun at last year’s party, they disappeared. I never got them back, which is sad. But I found a similar fabric and will sewing a new pair. Without a pattern. Should be scary frustrating a disaster interesting. I might end up just wearing black leggings instead of cool crushed burgundy velvet gaucho-like pants.

Anyway, after making my new pants tonight I’m going to play around with hair and makeup. The excellent news is that modeling has made me more proficient with both, so they should end up pretty kickass. Of course, we’ll see if I want to get up an extra hour in advance to do them in the morning.

So, what’s everyone else dressing up as tomorrow? 🙂


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