A Bittersweet Blush Victory For…

If you haven’t seen the Blush finale, stop reading now!

The Blush finale aired.  I watched. Before I get to the winner…

Todd did, in fact, pass away.  There was a (very) brief “In Memory of” screen that came up, with Todd’s name and photo, at the end of the episode.  It was rather unsatisfying, for me, but in light of when he passed, and the fact that (to my knowledge) there’s no real info about why he passed, I think it was sufficient.  And I’m glad they touched on it.  As far as I can tell, there’s nothing “official” on the Lifetime website (though I’m sure there’s stuff in the forums there).

And now, the winner…

Nolan won, despite his mistake in the 3rd fashion show look.  I thought everyone did a great job, but actually agreed with the judges when it came down to it.  Maxi’s work was… eh.  I liked his second look with the white line, but wasn’t keen on the arrows at all, and felt the stenciled stuff was too distracting.  But the judges loved it all, and I didn’t really agree with that.  I did agree that Maxi was just too dramatic, and that caused unnecessary chaos.  However, Todd, unfortunately, lost it for some reason, and it was really disappointing.  Overall, his stuff just fell flat, and that made me sad (sadder still that I knew that he wasn’t with us anymore).  But despite that, he had huge–everyone says potential, but I say fuck that, he had honest-to-goodness talent–and you could tell that he truly loved what he did, and loved life.  He was radiant, and a wonderfully gracious loser.  That alone made you realize what a great person he was.  His passing is a true loss to the industry, and to everyone who knew him in general.  My heart goes out to everyone.

I imagine the airing of tonight’s episode was bittersweet for Nolan.  It’s clear he and Todd became close friends throughout the course of the show, and winning the show, followed by the passing of a close friend, a friendship that was the result of the show… I can’t even imagine.  I send many virtual hugs to Nolan, and to the rest of those who knew and loved Todd.

3 Comments to “A Bittersweet Blush Victory For…”

  1. Todd & Nolan as a Mom were my favorites from the 1st show. Todd had such a genuine heart, which is what made his fun, caring & humility believable about his personality. I can’t bring myself to erase the last show I taped not because it announces my choice as winner but because I can still watch Todd in action. My deepest sympathy goes with his Mom “Marianne”, our 18 yr old daughter was also a month & 1/2 premature so this maybe why Todd’s death has affected me more than just someone who watched the show. May God help his family with the extreme loss because I know He’s taking excellent care of Todd!
    Mrs. Cassel


  3. Todd Homme was truly and honestly a VERY talented young man and seemed to be alot better than the rest of us at having life figured out. What happened was truly a horrific tragedy and my deepest sympathy goes out to all of Todd’s family and friends and anyone who is grieving in this time of sadness. My prays goes out to them and i hope that they will find comfort in those around them and have all of the help and support they need. Even though I am only a fan and I know it doesn’t make things any easier I just wanted to say that Todd is probably in a much better place than those he so tragically left behind. My DEEPEST condolences and prays. He had a great personality and seemed to be a very sweet young man and even my two year old daughter said “mommy i like him, he is my boyfriend” (kids can be so cute.) but his life even though short lived seemed to reach many people and he defiantly had many fans and will will miss him to, i would have been proud to say that he done my makeup he had such a promising career in it so focused and subtle, and modern. he was great. and again my prays and condolences. -marley (Joe-Joe) carmony

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