A Model’s Business Cards

What goes on ’em?

At the very least, a model’s business cards should have her name, email address, a photo, and an address to an online portfolio or website. It should also say something like “model” somewhere.  Some models choose to add other info… I’ll list what I have on mine in a sec.

A photo allows photographers to remember your face after you’ve parted ways.  Your email address allows them to contact you easily, and if you want you can add your phone number (or leave space on the back to write it in if you wish).  A link to your website or online portfolio lets them go check out more photos, your stats, resume or list of credits, and whatever else you might put on your website.  And sticking the word “model” on your card?  It might seem like it’s not necessary, but if you’re at a convention or event where many other people might be handing out your cards, it will help the person who ends up with your card remember what it is you do.

On the front of my cards, I have a photo, my stats, my email, and as a courtesy, a small credit to the photographer.  The front of my card is in full color.  On the back I have numbers for the various modeling sites I’m on, my MySpace address, and my website address.  The back is in black and white, and there’s ample room to write additional info (like my phone number) if I need to.

Where to get ’em?

Here are a few different websites that are recommended for getting business cards. I personally have ordered from Modern Postcard before, and am pleased with the quality of what I got.  I also know someone who has cards from Moo, and they’re really nice as well… plus they make supercute tiny cards that are way cool.

www.vistaprint.com, www.moo.com, www.modernpostcard.com, www.overnightprints.com, www.spotlightprinting.net

But wait!  What about the design?!

Some of the websites above allow you to upload your own design.  If you have the ability to lay out your own card, go for it!  If you are going to do your own cards, make sure you use the template provided by the site you choose to purchase from (if they have one for download).  Also, before you place your order, print out your cards at the correct size to make sure you can read all of the important information clearly.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) design your own, you may choose to use a site that offers a pre-made template (perhaps one in which you can upload your own photo to), or see if any of the photographers you have worked with would be willing to lay something out for you for a small fee.

One Comment to “A Model’s Business Cards”

  1. Moo do great business cards as well. I went for the thin ones but you’re right, they’re worth the money for the work they bring in!