Breaking it down

I will soon be taking a bit of a break from modeling.

I need some spare time, and this is where I’m going to have to make a sacrifice. Especially since I’m working at a loss the bulk of the time on this hobby of mine.

I won’t be stopping modeling, and I won’t close down any profiles or quit hanging out in some of the forums, but I will not be accepting any more trade work. The only exceptions being trade shoots I already have lined up (or am in the process of scheduling). I’m sure there will be other exceptions down the road, as there always seem to be–phenomenal photographers, mindblowing concepts, whatever else–but I’m going to be really really selective from this point forth.  Moreso than I have been.

Taking a break will also give me a chance to sit down and really get some concrete things in place for where I want to go with modeling.  I’ll get a chance to maybe do some research, figure out who best to hire to get me the shots I need, and actually start moving in the direction I want to head in.

This will likely be in full effect by the end of January, while I finish up scheduling a few projects that I’ve been discussing with photographers.


2 Comments to “Breaking it down”

  1. Good for you! I am doing the exact same thing too, putting off the TF* shoots and trying to get more paid gigs…

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