Happy (Late) Holidays

I hope everyone had great holidays!  Christmas-Chanukah (or, as we like to call it, “Jewmas”) brought us wonderful things.  I’ll get to that in a second.  But first… some updates

Chicagoland M&G… TONIGHT!
There’s a M&G event tonight at Mr. Beef & Pizza.  I’m expecting the turnout to be stellar!  I didn’t keep tabs on who’s said they’re coming, but from the looks of things, a lot of folks will be there.  There’s even a model who’s in town visiting who will be coming by!  Awesome.  It should be good.  Seems the monthly thing at the same place is working out very well, with a bigger turnout each and every time.

Shoot Results… Sorta
I was supposed to have a shoot Friday.  I was really excited for this shoot, as it was with an excellent photographer looking to commercialize his book a bit.   Perfect!  He’d arranged a MUA, our ideas were perfectly in line, and all was going to be great.

I got to the studio a little later than I planned.  The weather was bad overnight, resulting in some ice that had to be scraped off the car and carefully navigated around on some of the side streets (and the sidewalk), so it took a bit longer to get started than I had anticipated.  But I got there more or less on time.

The MUA, however, was a different story.  Long story short, she didn’t show.  Which was really disappointing, to say the least.  She was someone I’d worked with before, enjoyed working with, and once I found out she was the one who was booked, was excited to be working with again.  But it just didn’t work out.  She decided, for whatever reason, not to come to shoot with me, as the photographer had planned.  He ended up canceling with her altogether.

And I had opted to not bring my makeup with me.  So we didn’t shoot.

Instead, the photographer and I chatted, checked out a space in his building, chose a date to reschedule, and discussed perhaps setting up a group shoot at some point. I hung around for a couple hours.  Part of me would have preferred to just go back home, but I’d driven a little over an hour (and nearly 50 miles) to the shoot, and I really wasn’t looking forward to the drive home right away.

I’m bummed about not shooting though.  I was really looking forward to cleaning out my portfolio and getting some excellent commercial shots.  I’m also bummed (and yes, pretty darn irritated) about the deal with the MUA.  She’s someone I frequently recommended to others, someone I enjoyed working with, and someone I looked forward to working with numerous times again.  As you can imagine, I likely won’t be working with her again, and won’t be recommending her to many others most likely.  Sucks, but that’s what happens :shrug:

Happy Holidays
As I said before, the holidays brought us great things.  I got a Kitchen-Aid Mixmaster from my parents (as well as some baking pans, which are top-quality Calphanon).  I have yet to use any of them, but I know they will be great to use, hehe.  I’ve been lusting over a Mixmaster for some time, but especially over the past 6 months or so, since my ancient Oster Kitchen Center busted mid-recipe.

From my fiance’s family we got a Wii, which as you can imagine has so far been pretty fun 🙂  We bought Super Mario Bros. and Excitebike (yes, the original NES games) from the Wii store online and played them last night.  We have the Wii sports, which comes with the console, and another set of games that’s sort of like training for using the Wiimote… which I still surely need more work on LOL.  But it’s really fun, and I’m glad we have one now!  I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it more, as we get more games and stuff 🙂

From my fiance I got a Raymond Weil watch.  It’s beautiful, and nicer than any watch I’ve ever had.  It’s silver, with a mother of pearl face, little diamonds at the markers (except at 12, 3 and 9, where there’s roman numerals, and at 6 where there’s the date).  It’s absolutely lovely, and will look exquisite with my wedding dress 😀

We got a bunch of other stuff too.  Giftcards to food places (Chipolte, Outback, Starbucks), I got books, some clothes, and other stuff.  It was nice 🙂

We also finalized our bridal party, asking our neices and nephew to be flowergirls and the ringbearer.  Our neices were so excited.  It was super cute!  They’re 5, so for them it’s like the coolest thing ever.  They got flower girl dresses for their American Girl dolls too, so they were in heaven LOL.  Our nephew, who’s 7, has informed us that he’ll let us know, haha!  I think he’s excited too… provided he doesn’t have something else going on that day 😉 LOL!

All in all, things were nice this holiday season.  As they always are 🙂

Off to take the dog out, get ready, and run some errands before the M&G.

One Comment to “Happy (Late) Holidays”

  1. Jewmas, I love it!

    My dad got my mom a Wii…and better yet, Wii fit. I highly recommend it. Zach has it and it really does work you out (if you do it right LOL).


    Rach 🙂

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