Chicago Auto Show: First Look For Charity

A friend of mine contacted me the afternoon before the Chicago Auto Show First Look for Charity event.  Her family had 2 extra tickets, and she wanted to know if my fiance and I wanted to go.

Duh! 😀

For those who don’t know, it’s a black tie required event, for charity, of course.  It takes place the Thursday before the Chicago Auto Show opens.

Somehow, I managed to wrangle a tux for my other half, and we went 😀  Quite exciting, as we’re both car buffs, and the Auto Show has been a tradition for us over the past few years (ok, 9 years now–we’ve only missed one show).

It was, as expected, a really fun time.  In addition to there being free drinks and free (really awesome) food, there were no crowds.  And, as always, the time with my friend and her other half was quite good.  Despite an unfortunate (but minor) champagne mishap 😉 LOL!

So, here’s a couple pics 🙂

Me, with the Camaro and Bumblebee 🙂  Transformers FTW!

The other half and I in front of the GTR.  Rawr!

For those interested in more info on the First Look for Charity, go here 🙂

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