Profile Writing 101

As someone who’s volunteered to approve profiles for one of the modeling sites, I’ve seen a lot of stuff when it comes to profiles.  So I’ve come up with a few basic tips on how to best write your profile, as a model.

  1. You’re joining a modeling site, not a dating site.  So talk about what you want to do when it comes to modeling, and leave the “I like to knit, scrapbook, and play with puppies” out of it altogether.
  2. Your profile doesn’t have to be long. In many cases, the shorter, the better.  And use paragraphs.  People tend not to read long blocks of text.
  3. Make sure important info is at the top.  Things like your availability and any restrictions (like the fact that you don’t have reliable transportation).
  4. Use real words, proper punctuation, spellcheck, and decent grammar.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make it legible and easy to understand.  Avoid text-talk and MySpace speak at all costs.
  5. Don’t load up your profile with photos (especially if they’re in your portfolio!), glittery icons, or other BS.  It makes it slow to load, a pain to sift through, and will likely result in your viewer going “NEXT!” and moving on to someone else.
  6. Avoid being ridiculously negative.  Focus more on what you’re willing to do, instead of what you don’t want to do.

Some examples:

I’m looking to get some sexy pictures of me in lingerie and swimwear. I’m also interested in high-fashion style shoots and casual, fun shoots. I do not want to work nude or do fetish work.

ZOMGz, im really fun nd awesome 2 B arnd im artsy nd emotional!!!11 i lke 2 paint write poetry nd play guitar. i has 2 kittehs a snake nd n imagunry friend named Bill who escorts me to every photoshoot! LOLz! im edgy sexy dark but ZOMG not 2 girly ew thats FTL 4 reAlz. i lke p!nk lke T0tAllY!!! i wnt 2 tke PiCs!!!!11!1! Chk out my MySPaCe!!!! kthanksbai!!!!!11

I am a new model in the Cincinnati area. I am interested in working with quality photographers on a trade basis to expand my portfolio. I am interested in casual, lifestyle, fashion, swimwear, and lingerie work.

I will travel up to 90 miles from Cincinnati if my gas is covered. I have my own car, but prefer to bring a friend to all of my shoots.

If you are interested in working with me, tell me what kind of shoot you have in mind, where the shoot will be, send me a link to your photography website (other than OMP or MM), and give me a list of at least 4 models that you have worked with more than once along with contact information.

I am not interested in posing nude.  All requests for nude work will be ignored.

I’m a aspiring model in OHIO WOOOOOOOO!!!  I’m interested in working with exceptional PROFESSAIONAL photographers ONLY.  I’m realy fun and motivated and easy to work with.  I always bring my boyfirnd with me to shoots, bt he’s really cool and a nice guy so you don’t have to worry about him at all I promise!! 🙂 ***** I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A DATE!! ***** I DO NOT DO NUDES DO NOT EVEN ASK!!! *****  I WILL NOT SHOOT WITHOUT AN ESCORT PRESENT!!! I won’t travel unless expenses are covered!! In order to work with me, you MUST give me 6 references, your studio name and address, 2 phone numbers, and I’ll need to know what kind of shoot you want, where it will be, who will be there, if you will provide a MAU, what you will feed me for lunch, and how long of a shoot it will be.  DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS!!  Oh by the way I don’t have my own car and my boyfriend drives me to all my shoots in his 25 year old Chevy pickup truck that sometimes breaks down, but I’m scared of public transportation and won’t take it,so this is the ONLY way I can get to shoots!  I’m available to shoot only Mondays and Tuesdays, every second week.

So, that should help.  Hopefully you can see what’s good about my “good” examples, and what’s bad about the “bad” ones 😉

3 Comments to “Profile Writing 101”

  1. Wow… I about died laughing at your examples… but “i has 2 kittehs a snake nd n imagunry friend named Bill” FTW! LOLz! Sadly, I have seen these profiles.

    Love this post, I am gonna go update my profile now… 🙂

  2. What about phone numbers and e-mail addresses? I’ve read that peolpe shouldn’t include an e-mail address in a modeling profile, but I wonder if that is just silly. Afterall, we post our e-mail addresses all over the place anyway, don’t we? I can see setting up a “professional” e-mail address for placing on business cards and comp cards and having a “personal” e-mail address that is just for friends, but spam will get through to both e-mail boxes eventually anyway, right?

    And what about phone numbers? Doesn’t it make sense that if a model is handing out business cards and comp cards with a phone number on it, they should include that same phone number in a modeling profile? Afterall, isn’t such a profile just another type of business card or advertisement? Imagine a company advertising it’s product and posting a Web site with no contact information? I don’t think that would make much sense. Besides, wouldn’t a model want to be contacted by potential clients, especially if the client is in a dire need of a model at the last minute? In such a case, they would be more likely to pay and they would need a phone number to contact someone in a hurry, right?

    To avoid people calling, publishing phone numbers in Web sites and on promotional materials is counterproductive, but what model in her/his right mind would really want to avoid having people call them? I’ve heard of models channelling potential clients through agencies, and I can understand that, but what about an independent model?

  3. I personally do not have my email or phone number on my profiles. I encourage others to do the same, usually. In short, the profiles are publicly available and I don’t want everyone who has access to my profiles (read: anyone with Internet access) to have access to that information.

    Regarding emails: When it comes to emails, a lot of spambots and scammers batch-search the modeling sites for profiles that list them, and then send messages to whatever emails they find. This is, a lot of times, the reasons many new models get scam messages, and (if they don’t do their research) why many fall for modeling scams. My business card has my email on it, but isn’t searchable by bots on the Internet, or visible to everyone online either. Some people use a workaround for emails by posting it in a graphic instead of in text, but not all sites allow posting graphics in profiles. The email address I have listed here on my blog is different from the one I regularly use, though I very rarely get email to it (even spam/scam messages) because my blog isn’t a goldmine of email addresses for scammers, like modeling sites are.

    Additionally, if someone is looking to book someone quickly, I imagine they’ll either contact people they’ve worked with before (in my case, those people have my number) or will call an agency.

    Regarding phone numbers: The number I give out to photographers is my personal cell. It’s the only number I have right now, as I don’t have a home phone. I prefer that number to remain given out at my discretion, not to every single person who may come across my modeling profile on the Internet. My business cards do not have my cell number on them, though I have room to write it in if I see fit.