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March 9, 2009

Why The Right Model Matters

Every so often a model complains that she can’t find work.  There’s no one in her area willing to work with her, paid or TF*.  Bummer, right?  But certainly someone, somewhere desires her look, or can use her anyway, right?

Wrong.  The right look is very important.  Especially so when the photos are being used to sell a product.  And it’s very hard to explain this, especially to newer models who don’t quite understand it.

Well folks, I don’t have to ever worry about having a hard time explaining this ever again, thanks to the folks who messed up selecting the model for the limited edition NES controller jacket.

This article does a better job showing it than I ever could, so read on here.

Models, keep this in mind when you respond to castings and get told “you’re not right for the project”, ok? 🙂