Screw drafts…

I’m just too darn busy to write right now.  This wedding planning stuff is kicking my ass… and I feel like I’m not even doing much.

We’re 1 month and 8 days away from the big day, and each day there’s just more to do.

Right now I’ve got to concentrate on getting thank you notes from a shower done, because I have another coming up this weekend.  And then I’ll have twice as many to do.  I keep meaning to do them on lunch at work, but then I don’t take a lunch ’cause I have too much work… Grr.

The plus side of things is that I found someone to make me a birdcage veil.  A MUA from MM, of all things!  She makes little hats, and is going to give this a shot using stuff I’ve bought, and maybe some of her own stash of things too.  It should be pretty neat.  I’m excited!

And Kelli is doing makeup for all of us the day of the wedding, which is pretty bad ass as well.  She’s awesome! 🙂

And on that note, time for bed.

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