Upcoming Projects

I’m going to hit the ground sprinting when I resume modeling after my too-long hiatus* in August. I’ve had a lot of time to think about things, and plan to work on some projects before I really get back into modeling for the fun of it.

First, I’ll have a lot to do regarding the VOP Show. More than I’m already doing for it. That’s a good thing, as I like being involved in the show 🙂

Next I’m going to work on creating 2 different kinds of posing guides. I know, I know, there’s like eleventybillion of them out there already. But I’m not just going to rehash the same boring, tired poses. I’ve been thinking about these a lot, for quite some time, and I think it would be good to do them.

I’m going to art-direct the sets from start to finish, and the first guide will have some basics for a variety of studio and location options. It’s likely going to be a long shoot (or couple shoots), and I’m pretty sure I know the photographers I’m going to pitch the work to. Essentially, it’ll be a handy guide for new models. I won’t give more details than that, because, well, that would be silly.

The second guide is going to be a more consumer-friendly one, targeting a certain market. Again, not going into too much detail 😉 But I’m pretty sure I know who I’m going to go for for this one, and what it will entail. Hopefully it will be marketable and end up being successful.

So yea, some fun things on the horizon. I’m excited for them 🙂

*My ‘hiatus’ has consisted of a couple shoots, and working on theVOP show some. I am, however, shooting FAR less than I’ve liked, for far too long, and I’m looking forward to the point where things settle down and I can get serious again.


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