Photographer Review: M. Carle

Back in March I worked with Mariah Carle, a professional nude model turned photographer.  She was visiting Chicago from California, and we decided to work together while she was in town.

Working with Mariah was great!  Before the shoot, she treated me like any normal client, and not just like a model.  She not only listened to the ideas I had, but gave me some of her own ideas and shared her experiences with me.  Between the two of us, we were able to create absolutely beautiful images we were both really happy with.  We emailed back and forth and talked on the phone a couple times to ensure things were going to run smoothly.  And they did.

The shoot itself was great.  We not only got great images, but Mariah made sure that I was happy with what we were shooting periodically, and didn’t move on until we both were satisfied.  She made the shoot fun too, and shared some tips with me she’s learned as a model.

Anyone in her area should hire her.  She’s beyond worth what she charges!  And not only does she take wonderful portraits of humans and pet portraits that are absolutely fantastic, but she shoots boudior too, for those of you looking to spice things up! 😉

Check out Mariah’s regular work at and her boudior work at

And for those interested in seeing some of what we shot together, here’s a sample (click to view larger):

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