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July 31, 2009

How Embarrassing!

There’s a model suing a company because a photo of him is being used in an ad for prostate problems.  The guy says the company “defamed him by illegally using his photograph in an ad touting its prostate device”, and that the ad alarmed his mother.  The model, who’s photo was taken in 1998 during a shoot where he claims a release wasn’t signed, is seeking a jury trial and over $75,000 in general damages.  He also wants the company to be permanently banned from using his picture.  He, according to the article, appears in an ad that runs a disclaimer at the bottom stating that the person pictured isn’t the actual patient, but he also appears in an ad for the same product used in a hospital, which doesn’t have a disclaimer.

Read the article here.

My Thoughts

I’ve always thought the whole “I wouldn’t pose for that kind of product/situation ’cause it would embarrass me, as people would actually think I use that product/am in that situation” view was weird.

Perhaps that’s because I studied advertising/marketing… but I dunno.

I look at ads for things like herpes medications, Viagra, prostate health, breast cancer, acid reflux, restless legs syndrome, the Snuggie, and all those other medications, ailments, embarrassing conditions/products and don’t think “wow, for someone with a limp dick, that old guy sure is happy”, and I most certainly wouldn’t immediately think “oh hey, that’s the old dude from the Viagra commercial… I wonder if his love life is back to normal now that he’s on the little blue pill” if I saw the actor/model in public.  In fact, I likely wouldn’t even recognize the guy if I saw him in public.

The folks in those ads are actors and/or models, often hired to do the job they’re paid for.  Just because they’re hired, doesn’t mean they have the ailment.  Heck, it’s quite possible the woman struggling to answer her phone while staying warm under a blanket is actually totally capable of answering her phone without her arms freezing off.

I find it silly that people old enough to understand that that 30- or 60-second video-motion-picture thing shown on there tele-vision is a paid advertisement, actually believe that those people on the screen really have herpes, can’t get it up, and regularly have sad struggles with blankets.  Really folks?  Really?

And yes, as a model, I’d be totally fine modeling for a herpes ad, or to be in an ad for cancer.  I have faith in my friends and family that they wouldn’t see the ad and rush to me asking if my husband knows I haven’t had an outbreak in 2 months, or ask me how chemo’s going.  And frankly, I have faith in the fact that the general public wouldn’t recognize me… or even care for that matter.

July 31, 2009

Upcoming Event: D1 with the GT Motoring Guys

This Saturday I’ll be working at the D1 Grand Prix event at Soldier Field in Chicago.  I’ll be workin’ it in the GT Motoring booth, with the Seen It! Crew and some guys from Enkei.  Alongside me will be my good friend and fellow model Lauren (who will hopefully soon get her MM page back up and running).

I’ve been told the booth will have 3 cars: the shop’s RSX race car, their S2000 race car, and the shop owner’s Nissan GTR.  Hotness! 🙂

Tonight Lauren and I are going shopping to figure out what to wear.  We’re going to be HOT!

So if you’re in Chicago this weekend and are looking for something to do, come by the D1 show and say hi! 🙂

July 16, 2009

Honey = More Flies

You know that saying, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”?  Well it applies to models as well.

There’s a photographer about 25 miles away from me (at a rough estimate) who has a casting call up on one of the modeling sites.  It is, like many many others, a TF* casting.  Here’s what it says (not exact, so don’t go Googling it 😉 ):

I’d love to shoot sometime soon.  I’m not rich, so I can’t afford $150/hour right now, but I’d love to work with some local talent!  I see all these profiles of people who think they’re all that, but to me their profiles look terrible–like bad car show models.  I know I might not have the best models, but at least my work is classy!  If you want to work with me let me know… my contact information is on my profile.  I don’t have a big fancy camera or all that equipment, but I do good work, even in post production!

His profile goes on to say (again, not exact):

I just started working with models and am looking to work trade, for now.  You can contact me at [myspace] or [email].  Please only contact me if you’re serious, not if you’re just going to blow me off!  I’m sorry if I’m not responding right away–I just broke up with my girlfriend and I’m heartbroken!  For now, all shoots are canceled.  You can also contact me at [phone number]–call or text.  I’m also willing to edit your photos for you–check out my portfolio an don’t be afraid to ask!

Let me ask you, dear readers, what’s wrong with the casting and the profile?

Well, let’s start with the profile. Now, when I re-wrote both things, I fixed grammatical errors like you wouldn’t believe.  Run on sentences, no capital letters, words that make no sense, and… yea.  Anyway, profiles (and casting calls) that are written so horrible are hard to read, hard to understand, and overall scream “this person sucks at communicating!”.  Not a great first impression.

Then there’s the random bit about the heart-breaking girlfriend and all shoots being canceled.  If all shoots are canceled, why are you posting casting calls?  If there’s personal-life BS in your profile, make sure you keep it up to date to lessen the confusion.

Also, it’s wise to keep all your contact info together.  I mean, if you’re going to share your cell phone number and email address with the entire Internet, you might as well make it all easy to find, right?

And now, the casting. That’s what spawned this whole blog anyway.  The casting.

It makes no sense–none–to post a casting looking for models and to then essentially say everyone looking to get paid has shitty work that looks like a cheap, bad import model.  Way to insult all of the professional models (and some of us mere hobbyists) who might have taken a chance on working with you.

That’s where that whole saying at the top of this blog comes in.

It’s also not a great idea to be so negative about yourself.  It’s one thing to be honest in a PM and say, “hey, just a forewarning I shoot with a disposable Kodak… but it has an onboard flash!”.  It’s another to sell yourself short by saying “I don’t have this or this or that”.  It makes you seem like you don’t have confidence in your ability… no matter how good you say your photoshopping skillz may be.

Which brings me to the work itself. It’s bad.  Really bad.  Laughable, in fact.  There’s a lot of bad post work, including over-use of Gaussian blur, badly done selective coloring, bad background replacement… and that’s not even looking at the photos themselves (for what they are before the bad photoshopping).

So when you’re looking to book a model, take in to consideration the following:

  • Being nice goes a lot farther than making broad generalizations and bashing everyone.
  • Being negative about yourself is bad.
  • Make your profile (and your casting) easy to read and easy to understand.  Take into account grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the general info you have there.
  • No one gives a crap about your girlfriend breaking up with you.  Modeling sites are not MySpace.  You want to get all Emo on MySpace, go for it… but keep your modeling site professional.

Oh, and since I’m sure you’re wondering, no, I didn’t contact him. I sent the casting to a few good friends and got one hell of a laugh out of it all.  But I didn’t contact him.  I have no desire to work with someone who equates me to a bad car model, who has shitty work, and won’t even remotely consider paying me.  That is the definition of not getting anything out of a shoot, and would just waste my time.

July 13, 2009

VOP Auction

The VOP Auction Friday was a huge success! It was a lot of fun, and we raised a lot of money!!  YAY!!

This year, I went for $60.  Not as much as I went for last year, but that’s ok 🙂  It was still a good time, and I still helped raise money for Chris and The American Diabetes Association!  And that’s what’s important! 🙂

In case you haven’t already, check out the VOP Blog:

July 13, 2009


I’m in a bad mood today.

July 13, 2009

It is worth it?

Sometimes, something happens that has you wondering, “is it worth saving this?”.  Often, it’s a friendship or a romatic relationship.

Other times, it’s a professional relationship of sorts.

This is one of those times…

July 10, 2009

VOP Blog & Auction

VOP blog is online!!  Check it out:

And don’t forget, the auction’s tonight!  I hope to see you there! 😉

July 9, 2009

Look: VOP Auction

Alright, after doing some research, talking to Caity B (music-geek & photographer extraordinaire), mentally inventorying my closet/accessories, I’ve decided on what I’m wearing to the VOP Auction tomorrow! Here’s the look…

VOP Model Auction Look

And here’s the rundown of what’s what. What I can, I’ve linked for you.

Jacket: BKE Motorcycle Jacket from Buckle
Shoes: Cutesylicious Paddington Platform Pumps from Cutesygirl
Jeans: Black straight leg jeans by Pepe Jeans (I’ve had them for ages)
Shirt: Love This Life Her Butterfly Tee from Hot Mama (it’s sheer burnout like)
Bra: Basic white bra  (I think it’s a CK)
Necklaces: A random selection of silver necklaces I have
Earrings: Sterling Silver Earrings from Express
Nailpolish: Something bright! Pictured is Piggy Polish in Mermaid
Lips: Keeping it soft with a light pink gloss.  Pictured is Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush.
Eyes: Bright green smoky look, using Loreal HIP in Riotous and Flashy, and Wet’N’Wild’s I-Shimmer Retractable Pencil in 696 Sky Lights.

The goal with the look was to be a little rock ‘n roll, and a little Rachel all at the same time. I’ve basically taken something I’d wear on a regular basis, and punched it up by adding bright makeup/nails, more accessories, killer heels, and no undershirt under that burnout tee 😉  I think it’s going to be perfect, and I don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable by pretending to be something I’m not.  Win!

July 8, 2009

Kickass Stuff From Ron!

Here’s some of the awesome stuff Ron and I shot together 🙂  At first glance thru our shots, these were my favorites.  Enjoy!





July 8, 2009


I’m totally digging the BKE Motorcycle Jacket from Buckle.

I wonder if I can pick one up before Friday?  Aside from being a perfect “rocker” accessory for the auction, it looks like a great, versatile piece that I can wear out, to work, or wherever… Spring thru Fall.

I have a bomber jacket in brown leather, but it’s rather heavy, and, well, brown.  I just don’t wear brown that much.

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