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July 6, 2009

VOP Fashion & Rock Show


More Info: GO HERE!

July 6, 2009

Weaning Myself Off Hiatus

And doing so with a bang!

I shot Thursday evening with one of my favorite photographers, Ron of Wolfdreamz!

Thanks to Summer Hours at work and the holiday weekend, I got to leave work at 2:30P, which meant Ron and I started shooting relatively early (around 6P).  🙂  We hadn’t shot in quite some time, because our two schedules just didn’t mesh and I was taking a bit of a break.  But now I’m back! From outer space!

:blinks:  Wow.

Anyway, we, as usual, really pushed our limits and created some kickass stuff.  There was a ladder involved, thigh high boots, and just all around awesomeness! 🙂  I’ve got stuff chosen already, just haven’t had time to get them up yet.

I hope everyone had a wonderful (and safe) 4th of July holiday weekend!

Oh, and my shoes?  Didn’t come in time 😦  Oh well.

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