How Embarrassing!

There’s a model suing a company because a photo of him is being used in an ad for prostate problems.  The guy says the company “defamed him by illegally using his photograph in an ad touting its prostate device”, and that the ad alarmed his mother.  The model, who’s photo was taken in 1998 during a shoot where he claims a release wasn’t signed, is seeking a jury trial and over $75,000 in general damages.  He also wants the company to be permanently banned from using his picture.  He, according to the article, appears in an ad that runs a disclaimer at the bottom stating that the person pictured isn’t the actual patient, but he also appears in an ad for the same product used in a hospital, which doesn’t have a disclaimer.

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My Thoughts

I’ve always thought the whole “I wouldn’t pose for that kind of product/situation ’cause it would embarrass me, as people would actually think I use that product/am in that situation” view was weird.

Perhaps that’s because I studied advertising/marketing… but I dunno.

I look at ads for things like herpes medications, Viagra, prostate health, breast cancer, acid reflux, restless legs syndrome, the Snuggie, and all those other medications, ailments, embarrassing conditions/products and don’t think “wow, for someone with a limp dick, that old guy sure is happy”, and I most certainly wouldn’t immediately think “oh hey, that’s the old dude from the Viagra commercial… I wonder if his love life is back to normal now that he’s on the little blue pill” if I saw the actor/model in public.  In fact, I likely wouldn’t even recognize the guy if I saw him in public.

The folks in those ads are actors and/or models, often hired to do the job they’re paid for.  Just because they’re hired, doesn’t mean they have the ailment.  Heck, it’s quite possible the woman struggling to answer her phone while staying warm under a blanket is actually totally capable of answering her phone without her arms freezing off.

I find it silly that people old enough to understand that that 30- or 60-second video-motion-picture thing shown on there tele-vision is a paid advertisement, actually believe that those people on the screen really have herpes, can’t get it up, and regularly have sad struggles with blankets.  Really folks?  Really?

And yes, as a model, I’d be totally fine modeling for a herpes ad, or to be in an ad for cancer.  I have faith in my friends and family that they wouldn’t see the ad and rush to me asking if my husband knows I haven’t had an outbreak in 2 months, or ask me how chemo’s going.  And frankly, I have faith in the fact that the general public wouldn’t recognize me… or even care for that matter.

2 Comments to “How Embarrassing!”

  1. I totally agree with you but there are alot of stupid people in this world who don’t know any better. lol

  2. I don’t know about you, but I’ve totally gotten stuck in a blanket before trying to answer the phone. Long live the Snuggie!