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August 24, 2009

Owing Past Photographers

The question was raised in the forums as to whether-or-not folks you owe anything to the folks you worked with when you started modeling.  It was phrased in a way that suggested that since these people may have taken a chance on me, I should return the favor down the road and  “pay it back” by working with them again, even if it might be a step backwards.  Here are my thoughts on the subject:

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August 21, 2009

Today’s Public Service Annoucement

Models, if you’re struggling with posing and expressions, and can’t get through a shoot without “freezing up” because you’re so nervous, then chances are you shouldn’t be asking to get paid.  It might also be wise to

Typically*, photographers pay models that have something to offer them (when they’re hiring models for things like private projects and portfolio building–when it’s a client that pays, this may be a different story).  Chances are, if they hire a model who’s nervous and constantly gets stuck posing/emoting, and ultimately has one look and a handful of stiff poses, they’re going to feel a bit short-changed at the end of the day.

Just some food for thought.

*Note: I did say typically.  Some photographers do hire based on things like looks and measurements before they hire based on experience.  But many feel that a model needs to have something worth paying for in order to be, well, paid.