Shoot Results: Anything Goes 2

This past Sunday was the Anything Goes 2 event up in Racine, WI. It was hosted by Frank of 11 11 Visions, a partner in the Studio MLP group out there in Wisconsin. It was, in a word… well, I can’t just find one word.  It was a ton of fun, a great networking opportunity, a wonderful chance for me to work with some folks I may never have worked with, and I got to spend some time chatting with the awesome Roger Talley 😀 I also got some great stuff out of it… and I’ve only seen very few shots already!

Let me elaborate on all of that, starting with the fun part 🙂

As always the WI crowd delivered. They’re always a warm, welcoming crowd who loves to have a good time.  There was much laughter, great food, and an all-around relaxed, wonderful atmosphere.  Add in a great indoor shooting area that’s set up to easily accommodate 4 photographers’ lighting setups, and a plethora of killer locations outdoors, and the whole thing was just stellar!  There wasn’t any inter-model drama (though on model did have a P&S camera go missing, unfortunately), there weren’t photographers arguing over models or refusing to share shooting locations, models, etc., and there was plenty of patience, helping out (both between photographers and photographers, and models and models), discussing industry-related things, and just overall good times.

Networking galore happened there! This kind of also touches on my working with folks I wouldn’t have worked with before, but I got a chance to meet some new faces, touch base with some familiar ones, and overall get my name, face, and modeling skills out there for a few more folks to see.  Always a good thing!!

Working with new folks is always a good time. There were a bunch of folks from a bit out of my typical travel range, and it was wonderful to work with them.  Lovely to get some different styles, new ideas, and  I’m anticipating some great stuff, and perhaps some future collaborations as well!

And Roger… Roger is awesome! Roger flew out from Vegas to Racine specifically to meet me.  We shot together as well 🙂  But let’s start with the fact that I’m still insanely flattered that Roger flew out just to meet me!  It’s indescribable how great that makes me feel, really!!  I’m still totally on cloud 9 because of it :blushes:  Now, we also shot, and that was great (though things didn’t go quite as planned, we did get some great stuff).

But the best part about meeting Roger was two-fold.  One, I got to talk to him about stuff–we sort of picked each others’ brains about a few things.  It was nice 🙂  But I also got to listen to Roger talk to others.  And it was great!  I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s wonderful listening to someone who really know what they’re talking about share their knowledge and opinions, and Roger does it in such a way that it’s both honest and entertaining.  Yay!

Roger also laughed at me.  A few times, actually.  I’ll take that to be a good thing 😉 LOL!

I’ll post some shots when I get more 🙂 Right now I’ve only got a few… and I don’t want to post those few only to get more awesome stuff.  Let’s just say I’m very pleased by what I’ve seen so far! 🙂

Big thanks to all who participated in the Anything Goes 2 event, as well as Frank, who coordinated it! I hope to be at the next one :hinthint:


2 Comments to “Shoot Results: Anything Goes 2”

  1. Hey lady! Glad you had a good time. I was also very happy with the diversity in both the models and photographers that attended. We will definately be having another event soon.

  2. Thank you so much for your talent and time at the Anything Goes event! You were wonderful, and Don and I both thoroughly enjoyed working with you! I hope we can do it again sometime – either at another event or just on our own. Please keep in touch.

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