Trash The Dress: Sneak Peek

Went out for a rare after-work shoot with Walter.  The week before I’d run into Jack from Studio 2 Photography here in Lake Zurich and he mentioned Walter wanting to shoot some trash the dress stuff.    Jack was actually, at the time, searching for wardrobe for the studio at Goodwill 🙂  I check there every so often for wardrobe as well, but was actually there with a good friend helping her find some stuff for an event she was working.

Anyway, while at Goodwill, knowing I’d be doing this trash the dress set, I found two great dresses, which I bought for just shy of $12 total!  We used them both for the sets, and they shot beautifully!

Working with Walter was, as usual, wonderful.  We work really well together, and always have a pretty good time 🙂  This was a quickly planned shoot that worked out wonderfully despite less than a week of planning.  Helped that it was literally a couple miles from the house… but Walter’s really easy to communicate with too, so that helps a lot!

Here are 2 of my favorite shots (of what I’ve seen so far) from the shoot. Click each one to view it larger.

They were both shot in Lake Zurich–one of them literally 😉  Good times!!

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