Wardrobe Inspriation

Models and photographers often ask where others shop for wardrobe pieces.  Traditional answers of, what boils down to, pretty much anywhere, always follow.  But that’s not the point of this post 🙂

The point is, I’ve recently discovered some great sites for wardrobe inspiration (and in some cases, shopping) that I’d like to share.  Wooo!

The first is Polyvore.  This site allows you to create outfits using images you have on your computer as well as images they’ve got cataloged.  There’s hundreds if not thousands of items–dresses, jeans, accessories, shoes… anything you can think of–that you can arrange to create looks.  Check it out at www.polyvore.com

The second is the Fashion Under 100 blog.  This site takes looks the celebrities are wearing, as well as user-submitted questions and trends, and finds everything to make that specific look for, you guessed it, under $100!  The author also links everything she uses, making it all easy to find and buy!  Check it out at www.fashionunder100.net

The third site is the I am Style-ish blog, which just celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary!  The author blogs about all sorts of style-related things and creates her own lookbooks with the help of her husband.  She’s got this great style and creativity that really shows in her outfits, as well as her writing.  And she’s got great taste in shoes 😉 Check her out at www.iamstyle-ish.com

So right now, those 3 sites are really inspiring me, all in different ways.  Take a look at them for some great ideas for shoot wardrobe… and even everyday wardrobe!


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