Lately I’m totally obsessed with Forever21. As someone who’s 27 and works a “real world” job where I can wear jeans, Converse and black T’s every day, most people look at me like I’m nuts when I say it.  But I love it!

They have some really unique stuff. Sure sure, Rach, but is it unique if everyone else is wearing it?  Sure is… ’cause chances are folks my age aren’t wearing it 😉  Haha!  Plus, if you accessorize a piece differently or wear it different than it was intended, then it becomes unique.

Clothes there are also really reasonably priced! You can seriously get an entire awesome outfit–shoes, accessories and all–from there for under $100 easy.  Even less if you’re really smart about it!  It’s also a great way to pick up some ultra trendy items that might only last 1 season, or clothes you’ll only be using for just one or two shoots.  You don’t have to be worried about having wasted a ton of money because you didn’t spend a ton!

They have a great blog and “Get The Look” section on their site. Both really help with styling, ideas, and keeping up with trends.  The Forever21 Blog, and the current “Get The Look” section, featuring Leather.

I also had the opportunity to walk for Forever 21 in the VOP Show on Friday. It was awesome, and my outfit was absolutely killer (I’m actually buying most of it).  Here’s what I wore:

forever21_vopshowHat: Felt Floral Cloche Hat, Forever21, $14.80
Skirt: Grace Mini Skirt, Forever21, $15.80
Silver Tank: Sequin Racerback, Forever21, $27.80
White Tank: Text Knit Banded Racer Tank, Forever21, $6.80
Jacket: Crinkled Faux Leather Jacket, Forever21, $48.80
Shoes: Cutesylicious Paddington Platform Pumps, Cutesygirl, #36.99
Outfit Total: $150.99

I’ll be buying the hat, the skirt and the silver top.  The shoes are mine, and I have a faux leather motorcycle jacket already, and a selection of white tanks.  I will likely wear the top more with jeans than the skirt, but the skirt’s just too cute to pass up!

And last but not least, you can create a wishlist! I love wishlists, because they allow me to keep track of things I’ve got an eye on (especially if I want to hold off until something goes on sale).  They also let people get an idea of my style, which is great for both the holidays and shoots. Check out my Forever21 Wishlist 🙂


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