And the search begins…

I have the perfect pair of classic black pumps.  Perfect. They’re real leather, have a 3″ heel (not too high, not too low), a pointy (but not too pointy) toe, a beautiful shaped heel, they’re fairly well-worn but in great condition, and are beautifully versatile.

I picked them up in college, and couldn’t believe my luck.  They were marked down to $25 from around $80 or so.  For a college student, that’s a huge deal!  And they were shoes I could wear on an interview, which was even better.  Turns out, they were more versatile than I planned, and I wore them under jeans, with a few formal dresses, with the occasional short dress, and well, they were pretty much one of the most versatile pair of shoes I had.  Er, have, I guess, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.  In fact, they look nearly brand new still, 5 or 6 years later.

There’s only one problem–a big one.  They hurt.  I went to wear them to work the other day (part of that wardrobe remake thing I’m doing) and I can’t even put them on.

I, unfortunately, have developed a bunion over the past couple years.  Likely a result from walking a lot when I worked in the city.  With virtually every pair of shoes I own (that I’ve worn recently, I guess), it’s fine and isn’t bothered by my shoes, but more the movement of my foot (or if I’m in heels for, say, 10 hours).

But apparently I haven’t worn these enough recently.  They hit me right in the wrong spot, and cause pain without even walking.  Now, I was in a hurry when I tried them on, so perhaps I need to give them another shot, but I’m guessing that it’s a no go.  And that makes me very, very sad.  I’m not going to get rid of them though, because I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to wear them again.  I’m considering getting them stretched, but am not sure that’s a wise decision.

Unfortunately I can’t just order a pair online and be done.  Finding shoes that fit well and don’t have a strap across the top is, for me, really hard.  Evidently my feet are two different sizes enough for it to be an issue, because I tend to slip out of shoes easily if they don’t have an ankle strap of some sort.  Grr.

So now, I begin my search for the perfect pair of pumps.  Again.

Wish me luck…


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