My Everyday Style III

Here’s my third set of the “My Everyday Style” series.  I wore this last month and it was super cute.  The denim jumper was a great find, and is definitely a versatile piece I can wear pretty much year round.  The only minor beef I have with it is that it ties in the back and can get kind of uncomfortable in the car.

Look Three: Denim Jumper
Another jumper, though this one’s from Target and ties in the back.  I’ve paired it with, yet again, a white T, but this time black tights, legwarmers under grey boots, and a great scarf from, again, Target (Men’s section–don’t be afraid to venture there, ladies!).  And again, minimal accessories.


Get The Look: Jumper: Target; Tights: Hue; White T: Hanes; Legwarmers: No Idea (They’re Old); Scarf: Target; Boots: Cutesygirl

Past Entries: My Everyday Style I, My Everyday Style II


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