My Everyday Style IV

Sorry for slacking.  I had a crazy week last week that ended with my husband having his appendix out (thankfully it didn’t burst) and spending 2 nights in the hospital.  Good news is he’s doing great and is going back to work today 🙂 I’ll be updating a lot this week, but first…

As a continuation of the “My Everyday Style” series, I’ve decided to do this one a little different.  I’ve used mostly pieces I’ve had for quite some time, which changes what you’ll be getting linked to below a bit.  However, this outfit is one that’s easily a favorite outfit of mine, and being that I wore it last week, I just had to include it.  It’s definitely an outfit I’ll wear numerous times this fall, and one I’ll do variations of constantly (it’s actually rather similar to another outfit I’ve already done, which I’m sure you’ll notice).  It’s also a classic look that can be worn year after year.

Look Four: Simple & Classic
Again, this look is pretty simple and one that can be worn fall, winter, and even into spring.  It can even be worn year after year, either as is or with updated accessories.  As an added bonus, it’s a great “work to play” look that won’t leave your feet begging for mercy at the end of the day.  A nice fitting blazer, white T, vest, boot-leg jeans and motorcycle boots make this a great menswear style that, with the additions of a bright scarf and great bag, become more feminine.  If you’re going to duplicate this look, make sure your jeans, vest and blazer aren’t too baggy and fit you well.  You don’t want to lose your shape!


Get The Look:
As I already noted, the items in the set are based more on pieces I’ve had for quite some time.  So really, I’d only be able to link the boots and maybe the scarf.  So instead I’m going to pull similar items for you so you can duplicate the look.  All the items I’m linking are ones I’d buy to get this look if I didn’t already have the pieces.

Blazer: Express; T-Shirt: Gap; Earrings: Target; Jeans: Forever21; Purse: Target; Scarf: Forever21; Vest: Express; Boots: Dirty Laundry, by Chinese Laundry

Past Entries: One, Two, Three


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