Get the Look: Biker Chic

This is part one of, what will hopefully be, a long series dedicated to getting the looks I’ve styled for my own shoots.  I’ll be concentrating mostly on wardrobe, but at times will toss in makeup as well.  I’ll be posting a shot from the actual shoot, laying out the wardrobe for you, and linking pieces that are available online (at the time of writing), or alternative pieces that can be used to create a similar look.

Look 1: Biker Chic
This look was inspired by a look I wore for Forever21 in the 2009 VOP Fashion & Rock show.  When the photographer let me know he had a motorcycle he was interested in shooting with, I knew I had to use elements from that outfit for the shoot–it was just a perfect fit.

Shoot Results:

The Look:

Get It:

  • Motorcycle Jacket: Buckle (no longer available online); Alternative Jacket: Forever21
  • Tank Top: Any black tank will do, but mine is from Target
  • Skirt: Forever21 (no longer available online); Alternative Skirt: Forever21
  • Shoes: Cutesygirl (no longer available online); Alternative Shoes: Cutesygirl
  • Tights: Forever21 (no longer available online); Alternative Tights: Forever21

Photo Credits: Gonzo Photos


2 Comments to “Get the Look: Biker Chic”

  1. love the pic and the clothes

  2. abosultely LOVE those tights they are gorgeous!!!
    fab shoot by the way 🙂

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