Lusting: Poncho & OTK Boots

Ponchos are coming back in style, and over-the-knee (OTK) boots are hot right now.  I love the idea of combining the two with a splash of metallic leggings, a cute bright crochet beret, and being stylish, comfy and cozy as the weather gets cooler.  Here’s how I’d do it:

otk-ponchoThe poncho, leggings and beret are all from Forever21, and the boots are from CutesyGirl.  The shirt is on the Forever21 website, but I have plenty of long sleeved black shirts.  The whole look, minus the shirt, is less than $70!

I’ve sworn off buying stuff though, so this look is just on my Chrismanukkah list 😦  Unless, of course, you’re looking to shoot with me and can’t afford my rates.  I’m always up for a little TFWardrobe! 😉 Wouldn’t this look be cute romping around in fallen leaves?

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