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November 13, 2009

Get The Look: Refined Rocker

Look 2: Refined Rocker
This look was loosely inspired by a look I wore for Forever21 in the 2009 VOP Fashion & Rock show.  I love the sparkly top, and am a huge fan of blazers right now.  The jeans I actually bought as the possible bottoms for a Halloween costume, but love them.  When I put the top with plain jeans, it wasn’t all that special, but the marbled jeans really punch it up!

Shoot Results:
The Look:

Get It:

  • Jeans: Forever21
  • Tank Top: Any white tank will do, but mine is from Target
  • Sequin Tank: Forever21 (no longer available online); Alternative Sequin Tank: Forever21
  • Blazer: The one I wore at the shoot is from Discovery and not available online; Alternative Blazer: Express
  • Shoes (not shown in shoot result): Cutesygirl

Photo Credit: Christian Carlson, Hair & Makeup by Christin C

November 13, 2009

Wish List Published!

It’s a bit out of charcter for me, but I know a lot of folks are having trouble scraping together cash for a full day (or even a half day) of rates.  So I’ve gone thru some of my favorite sites and pulled some of my favorites together for a holiday wish list (which I’ll probably be showing the hubby too, ’cause I know he’s always struggling for ideas).  I’ve made it a separate page so it’s easy to find, and if you’re interested in working with me, but can’t afford my rates, I’m very easily bribed with new shoes, a cute shirt, or any of the other various items. I’m still adding to it, so keep an eye out!

Here’s the link!

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