Bit distracted today…

Not quite able to put together an “everyday style” blog for today.  It’s frigid in the office, I’ve got a lot of work to do, and my mind’s racing a mile a minute worrying about a friend who’s going through a tough time, trying to figure out what “fly & flashy” dress style means, and thinking about hubby, who’s on his way back home after a long week away.

Perhaps I’ll blog tomorrow about what I’m planning on wearing out this weekend.  I haven’t yet done that, and I’ve recently been trying to not just wear the same thing I wear out every time (skinny jeans, black tank, black boots). Or I’ll work on that now and maybe get something together by the end of the day.

Quick shout out to my husband, who’s pretty much home, but has to go by the shop and unload the racecar.  He and his dad left last Wednesday morning and drove all the way from Chicago to Cali, skirting the mountains by driving the long way through AZ, towing the company racecar.  Hubby had his championship race this past weekend, and was set to race against the west coast’s class champion (he won his class on the east coast).  His motor blew on Saturday during the practice round, and he was unable to repair the motor or find a replacement.  So he was out of the championship race.  He did, however, make the best of the trip and worked on making more contacts and schmoozed with the folks that were there.  Hopefully some good came out of it.  He’s been working really hard lately, and did really well this race season.  I’m very proud of him!

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