My Everyday Style VII

More from my “My Everyday Style” series.   For more, check out my “Everyday Style” page to the left 🙂

Look 7: Fly & Flashy
Inspired by the verbiage on the invite for a party a friend is going to (no joke).  “Fly & Flashy” is the dress code, and that party is at a nightclub in downtown Chicago.  Being that I’m trying, when I go out, to not just wear the standard skinny jeans, plain black tank, and black knee boots I always wear, I figured why not do an “Everyday Style” blog that features a new going out look.  Being that it’s a bit chilly here, I opted for leggings under a dress and a scarf as an accessory, and stuck to simple faux-diamond studs to keep things toned down a little (and accent my little clutch at the same time).  Overall, it’s a flashy look that’s still sophisticated enough for my nearly-30 self 😉

The Look:

Get The Look: Sequin Blazer: Forever21; Black Dress: Forever21; Leggings: Express; Scarf: Forever21; Earrings: Claire’s; Shoes: CutesyGirl; Clutch: Forever21


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