FTC Endorsement Guidelines

Just a quick note to readers regarding the products, shops and whatever else I have mentioned here in the past.  I choose the items I do because I shop there and/or because I like the product (or, in some cases, because it’s as similar to something in a shot as possible–in the case of my “Get the Look” blogs).  At this point in time, the links I use are not affiliate links (so if you click, I don’t make money).  I’ve considered it, but I don’t really have the time to manage an affiliate program on top of work, modeling, house hunting, and having a social life.  If it changes, I’ll update.

I haven’t received products to review, free or otherwise, and haven’t yet gotten requests to review products. The photographers I’ve reviewed, I’ve done on my own.

And of course, I plan on complying with the new guidelines in the future.  So yea… just sayin’, so ya’ll know 🙂

In case you’re not aware, the new FTC guidelines became effective Dec. 1.  For more info, here’s a great article: LINKY

2 Comments to “FTC Endorsement Guidelines”

  1. I’m sure you probably already know this, but I just wanted to mention that you have to put a disclaimer on each and every blog post that you write … a blanket disclaimer, or post like this one will not cover your butt. Take care, I like your blog!

  2. Yea, I need to go and edit posts I’ve already written and have scheduled, haha. Doing that shortly. Thanks though for the reminder (things are little nuts right now).