Get The Look: Bright Tights

Look 5: Bright Tights
This look is a lot of fun 🙂 The shoot, which the photographer has called “Industrial Living Room” was taken at his workplace, and was just full of good times!  Krystyn, the MUA, rocked it.  I will only be noting what I’m wearing, and not picking up any of the other clothing items featured in the shoot.  For this shoot, we wanted bright but simple, and fashionable.

Shoot Results:

The Look:

Get It:

Photo Credit: Aldo Risolvo Photography, Krystyn J MUA

Please note that the above listed products were chosen by me without payment or endorsement requests from the sellers.


29 Responses to “Get The Look: Bright Tights”

  1. I tried to work it in some turquise tights a few weeks back. But I felt like I went back in time when I was 15. It did not feel right. I will stick with darker colored tights and maybe work with different neutral tone textures like lace for tights.

  2. love it!! I don’t know if I could pull off the look tho T.T

  3. its a good luck for sure

  4. the boots and tight rock it!

  5. I dig the tights. You should do your own fashion forecast for tights… kinda like this:

  6. I love it since that’s how I dress up for roller derby 🙂 Tights and shorts. Sadly, they get wrecked.

  7. I’ve been wanting to do a roller derby inspired shoot for quite some time. There’s 2 problems: 1, I suck at roller skating and 2, my roller blades are MIA (but I hear real roller derby isn’t on blades anyway). LOL! Perhaps sometime I will haha!

  8. wow. so nice…these dress look great.

  9. Bright tights looks edge,
    wearing it requires braveness.

  10. super CUTE!
    i luv colored tights! expecally in the fall… when most people start wearing dark winter clothes.

  11. I wish I could wear that but I fear I would look like a grownup-toddler.

  12. never thought green tights would look so good. but this one is totally nice!

  13. cute! (but not really my style) 🙂

  14. yum yum yum. gorgeous darling!

  15. I always feel silly wearing bright tights, what with my red hair and all, so I really love wearing dark tights, like a deep purple. That’s nice.

  16. Only certain people could pull this off- like the girl in the photo lol. Picturing myself wearing these is entertaining hahahahaha- thought I do love the look;-p

  17. I wish I could pull of the tights thing but I don’t think I can my legs are way to short and pudgy =( ahah

  18. Nope, pretty much all the leagues are done on regular quad skates. I love the retro look of them though. Maybe you could find a local team to borrow gear from and even include them in a shoot 🙂

  19. I think tight can be the ultimate addition to a womans wardrobe, and working in the fashion industry I know how hugely popular they have become in recent times as well as the versitility in an outfit. One thing though: Stay away from shiny colours. Golds, silver and bronzes just don’t so it. Bright, bold colours are all the rage this season.

  20. That is a couch for video gaming.

  21. those green tights look great, I want some


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