Bringing an Escort: The Opinion of an Experienced Hobbyist Model

So Monday and Tuesday I blogged about escorts at photoshoots, and looked at the common arguments that both the pro-escort group and the anti-escort group typically rely on.  In case you missed those entries, they can be found here:

Now, I suppose all of my responses to those arguments are, indeed, my thoughts on each and every one of those arguments.  However, I never really explicitly said which way I waver when it comes to escorts.  So, here you go 😉

My thoughts, on escorts at shoots.

As a model, I don’t need an escort. I’m a big girl, and I check references (amongst other things).  I’d rather work with a MUA than drag someone along who’ll be bored.  I don’t need the distraction… and I don’t bring someone with me to work, to the doctor, grocery shopping, or to the vet.  Why would I need to bring someone with me to a shoot?  Silliness.

I don’t like it when other models (or MUAs or photographers for that matter) I’m working with bring escorts.  I’m there to work, not worry about someone else’s boyfriend getting angry with me, hitting on me, or generally distracting us one way or another (yup, it’s all happened).

I don’t like escorts coming to my M&G or group shoot events.  Unnecessary, for one, and really, and if you’re too scared to show up to a group event at a public place during peak hours without hiring a bodyguard, perhaps you should stay at home with your tinfoil hat on (yes, a model actually brought a hired bodyguard to a M&G once).

I also don’t particularly like working with new photographers who insist I bring someone.  I don’t need another lecture about my safety and how meeting people from online is badnewsbears (note: I met my husband online 10 years ago).  I have parents for that, and even they’ve stopped that BS.

So, I’m pretty much anti-escort.  Sure, I see the need for it in some cases (disabled models or minors, like I mentioned before), and yea, I’ve had a few experiences where the escort was perfectly fine, but frankly, I don’t want to have to worry about it.  Especially when it’s a surprise, and not something I planned on.

8 Responses to “Bringing an Escort: The Opinion of an Experienced Hobbyist Model”

  1. So… If I wanted to shoot with you, would you bring an escort? I promise I will be creepy! 😛

  2. I really enjoyed this commentary on escorts at shoots. All pro & cons have valid points.

    I myself, prefer not to have escorts at a shoot.

    Ive had boyfriends looking over my shoulder as I’m trying to shoot which is annoying as hell as well as cell phones going off during shoots which is very unprofessional. Turn off your cell phone during a shoot! You’re their to work! Check your calls/texts once the shoot is over.

    Anyways, I do respect a models request for an escort first time we work together so I usually just deal with it.