Get The Look: Red & Gold

Look 6: Red & Gold
This is an old shot, but still one I love.  The photographer was going for this film noir, Hollywood beauty, still-from-a-movie type shot, and it all worked out perfect!  We shot this at my apartment, in the long hallway on the top floor connecting the two halves of the building.  For the wardrobe, I wore a strapless, A-line dress I’d gotten for a very last minute sorority function, faux pearls, CZ studs, the gold heels I wore for my cousin’s wedding, and a vintage gold clutch I picked up at an estate sale for $2!  The MUA did wonders with my hair, gave me a perfectly clean face and simple eye, and popped my lips with a great orangey-red lipstick.  In person, the look was fantastic, but on camera, it was absolutely breathtaking!  Everything shot redder than we’d anticipated… even my hair!

Shoot Results:

The Look:

Get It:

Photo Credit: Jon Cancelino, Hair & Makeup by Suzanne Choe

Please note that the above listed products were chosen by me without payment or endorsement requests from the sellers.


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