My Everyday Style X

The tenth post from my “My Everyday Style” series!!   For more, check out my “Everyday Style” page to the left :)

Look 10: Space Cadet
So right now (which is December 9th, not the day this posts… I like to write in advance 😉 ) there’s about 5″ of snow on the ground at home, and it’s currently still snowing at work.  Blech!  I wore my shearling boots today, which were a gift from my mom (they’re not Uggs or any name brand, just some random brand, so I pulled a similar, reasonably priced pair off-line and linked for you), paired with a new graphic tee and new blazer, both of which I got over the weekend.  I’m still a little chilly, but at least my feet stayed warm and dry when scraping off the car this morning!  I only wear skinny jeans or leggings with my shearling boots, because I feel like the bulge created by pants that aren’t super fitted on the leg isn’t flattering (ok, fine, I think it looks stupid, there, I said it!).

The Look:

Get The Look: Shirt: Delia’s; Blazer: Forever21; Jeans: Express; Boots: Cutesygirl;

The above linked items were chosen by me with no pay or endorsement requests from the stores.

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