Get The Look: Playtime

Look 8: Playtime
Busting out a really old shot that’s still one of my favorites.  It always makes me smile!  I call this shot “Keepaway!”, and it was originally shot to submit to a calendar that was supposed to benefit an animal shelter in Georgia.  The project fell through, unfortunately, but we still got some way cute stuff out of it all 🙂  The dog in the shot is my beautiful supermutt, Trixie, who I’ve blogged about before.

Shoot Results:

The Look:

Get It:

Photo Credit: Carlos Alvarez

Please note that the above listed products were chosen by me without payment or endorsement requests from the sellers.

Look 5: Bright Tights
This look is a lot of fun 🙂 The shoot, which the photographer has called “Industrial Living Room” was taken at his workplace, and was just full of good times!  Krystyn, the MUA, rocked it.  I will only be noting what I’m wearing, and not picking up any of the other clothing items featured in the shoot.  For this shoot, we wanted bright but simple, and fashionable.

Shoot Results:

The Look:

Get It:

Photo Credit: Aldo Risolvo Photography, Krystyn J MUA


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