My Everyday Style XI

A special Holiday Edition of my “My Everyday Style” series!!   For more, check out my “Everyday Style” page to the left :)

Look 11: Happy-Merry Holidays
One of the benefits of being in a mixed-religion marriage is getting to celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas!  The other benefit is not having conflicts on those holidays 😉 Haha!  Being that it’s in the midst of Chanukah and Christmas is coming up fast, I figured it’d be fun to share what I’ve worn and will wear for our families’ celebrations. Typically, I can get away with wearing jeans, but this year, I decided to continue my denial that it’s winter dress up a bit more than usual and wear cute skirts with tights.  I also snuck a pair of cozy ankle socks over my tights, hidden under my boots (shhh!), for both holidays–gotta keep those tootsies warm!

For Chanukah, I opted to toss on my trusty charcoal blazer, because my parents (who hosted) typically keep the house cool.  I kept my accessories minimal because of the patterned shirt and the dynamic of the satin, tiered, pleated skirt.  I went with my basic black knee boots because they’re easy and rather comfortable, and threw grey tights on under them to break up the dark a little bit.  I added the belt at the waist as an accessory, because it needed something.

For Christmas, I went with a basic black short-sleeve turtleneck tucked into a cute blue plaid skirt, that came with a great belt.  Because the skirt’s so bright, I stayed basic on the bottom as well, going with black tights and, again, my black boots.  I added simple CZ studs and a cute, long locket to lighten things up a little bit, and because I know my nieces will love the locket, haha!

The Looks: Chanukah on the Left, Christmas on the Right

Get The Look, Chanukah: Boots: Cutesygirl; Skirt: Forever21 (no longer available online); Shirt: Forever21 (no longer available online); Belt: TJMaxx; Blazer: Forever21; Tights: Hue (in Steel)

Get the Look, Christmas: Boots: Cutesygirl; Skirt (with Belt): Forever21; Shirt: Kohls; Necklace: Forever21; Earrings: Claire’s; Tights: Hue (in Black)

The above linked items were chosen by me with no pay or endorsement requests from the stores.

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