New Shoes FTW

I figured I’d start of what’s gearing up to be an awesome week with a note about 2 new pairs of shoes I got 🙂 YAY!

They’re both flats, which means I’ll likely wear them more to work than anything… but that’s ok 🙂

The first pair is from (shock) CutesyGirl.  They’re the Classified Hinet Flats in Fuschia.  Definitely a little different than something I’d normally get, but what’s the point of continuing to get the same thing over and over?  I’m waiting for them to ship, but I’m sure once I get them I’ll blog about them again, haha!

The second pair is from Express, and is a black peep-toe flat with a super-cute metallic flower embellishment.  They’re the Open Toe Flower Flat in Black.

Here’s pics of both pairs, from CutesyGirl (left) and Express (right).

In other news, I had an AMAZING shoot with photographer Christian Carlson and MUA Christin C on Saturday.  A M A Z I N G!  I’m still waiting for all of the edits before I upload any on any sites, but what I’ve seen so far is absolutely wonderful!  We make a kick ass team, the three of us!! 😀

More to come this week, hopefully.  Swamped at work with our trade show coming up and doing stuff to get ready for it.  So yea… but hopefully I’ll be blogging a bit more, as projects wind down.


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