Honored?! I AM!

A few days ago somone brought the “I Think I’m A Model” Ning group to my attention (and to the attention of many others).  I spent hours searching the site for a pic of me.  I was certain at least one shot would be there.  Not only are there a ton of… not-too-spectacular shots of me floating around the Web, but I don’t always do what one would call “glamorous” modeling work.

And yet, after scouring the whole site and seeing a bunch of folks I recognized… nothing.  I was honestly surprised.  And, oddly enough, disappointed.  Though I had mixed thoughts about how I’d feel if I had come across one of my pics there.

Today, a model who had a shot up there Tweeted about being glad the awful shots of her had been removed.  And they were pretty bad, but not because of her.  She’s fantastic, and it was pretty clear to me that the shots were the result of one of those paid gigs that models sometimes get that… don’t result in usable images for the model at all.  She posted a link to the ITIAM blog, which I clicked on and let load while I responded to her, noting my mixed thoughts about how I’d feel if there were a shot of me.

Thn I clicked over to the ITIAM tab.  And there IT was!

That’s right, not only did they post my Accordion Rockstar pic, but they must’ve heard I was looking for myself 😉 And I am honored!  The above shot is hilarious, and was one helluva fun shoot (despite the atrocious noises I was making come from the fully-functional accordion)!  It’s one of my favorite shots still, because of that 🙂  I’m glad someone else out there saw it and saw it fit to post on ITIAM (though I do know that it’s on iStock, and has been purchased a few times as well, haha!).

Check out the post here! 

The photographer who took the shot is Hallopino, who maintains his own blog here.  If you’re reading this, and were the one to submit that shot, feel free to drop me a comment (note if you don’t want me to approve it) here! 🙂


3 Comments to “Honored?! I AM!”

  1. Haha, I knew you would blog about this. And I’m glad you did. It’s awesome.

  2. How much do you charge for weddings.

  3. $100, a sizeable piece of rare filet and 3 slices of cake. 🙂

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