This ‘game’ was posted in one of the forums I frequent, and I thought it was a really neat idea for coming up with shoot ideas (especially if you’re shooting stock stuff).  As I took it, the “studio” is a place where you can shoot with a lighting setup (or even a set you can create in a studio).  The “location” is one where you need to shoot with available light and/or on-camera flash, typically an actual location versus a set that can be easily designed in a studio.

Here are 20 ideas I came up with, using this concept of Studio/Location:

  1. Artist: Studio: Art Studio; Location: Painting Landscape at Sunset
  2. Basketball Player: Studio: Locker Room, Prepping for Game; Location: Playing Solo at a Neighborhood Court
  3. Bodybuilder: Studio: Lifting Weights at the Gym; Location: Showing off Muscles at the Beach
  4. Chef: Studio: Kitchen; Location: Delivering Special Meal to Table
  5. Child: Studio: Bored in Classroom; Location: Running Around the Playground
  6. Dancer: Studio: Dressing Room; Location: Performing On Stage
  7. Detective: Studio: Interrogation Room; Location: Gathering Evidence at a Crime Scene
  8. Environmental Activist: Studio: Painting Signs for Picketing; Location: Protesting the Demolition of Trees to Build a Parking Lot
  9. Fashion Photographer: Studio: Photography Studio; Location: Runway Show
  10. Generic “Big-Wig” Job: Studio: Office; Location: Golf Meeting
  11. Geologist: Studio: Analyzing Samples in Lab; Location: Gathering Samples Outside
  12. Horseback Rider: Studio: Prepping Horse in Stall; Location: Jumping Horse in Competition
  13. Interior Designer: Studio: Sketching at a Drafting Table; Location: Putting Finishing Touches on a Clients’ Home
  14. Makeup Artist: Studio: Trial Run With a Bride; Location: Working the Counter at a Department Store
  15. Politician: Studio: Speaking at Podium; Location: Working the Campaign Trail
  16. Psychiatrist: Studio: Working With Patient in Office; Location: Edge of a Building, Talking to Someone Who Wants to Jump
  17. Secretary: Studio: Filing Cabinet; Location: Getting Coffee at Starbucks
  18. Soccer Mom: Studio: Laundry Room, Washing Jerseys; Location: Cheering at the Game
  19. Teacher: Studio: Classroom; Location: Helping a Hurt Child During Recess
  20. Teenage Girl: Studio: Bedroom, Getting Ready for Date; Location: In Line at the Movies

So, what kind of Studio/Location ideas can you come up with? Grab a pencil and paper, and start jotting down ideas.  Who knows if your next shoot idea will come from it!

2 Comments to “Studio/Location”

  1. I’m still playing this game.
    Amazing how many shoot ideas have come from it.

  2. This sounds like an awesome idea!!

    Thanks for a great idea/game.