My Everyday Style 14

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these.  Sorry about that!  Things got really busy once I got back to work, despite a major event being finished.  I’m finally caught up with projects, so I can take a little time to share some of the way cute outfits I sported while on vacation 😉

Look 14: Flirty Casual
I wore this outfit out the first night I was in FL.  We went out to dinner to a place we’d never been before, and I wasn’t sure what kind of atmosphere it would be, so I went a little more nicer than basic jeans and a T casual, but kept it casual enough to not look too overdressed if it was a jeans and T kinda place (which it did end up being).  I did bring a cardigan with me in case I was cold, but it wasn’t part of the outfit itself, so I left it out in the itemizing below 😉
This is likely an outfit I’ll wear again, and possibly even shoot in.  It was way cute, and I regret not snapping a pic before leaving the condo!

The Look:

Get The Look: As usual, the items not available online aren’t linked.
Shoes: Cutesygirl; Jeans: Fragile (a TJMaxx find); Earrings: Claire’s; Bangles (3 sets, stacked): Forever21, Forever21 & Forever21; Black Tank: Target; Burnout Tank: Discovery Clothing

The above linked items were chosen by me with no pay or endorsement requests from the stores.

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