Photoshoot: Supermutt

Trixie Dog and I shot this weekend, though not in the normal sense where we were both in front of the camera.  In fact, this time, she was modeling solo and I was behind the lens!  We were at Husband’s shop, the 3 of us, and he’d set up his “photo studio” to take some product shots.  I had him leave it up and borrowed the camera for a bit, bribed Dog with treats, and snapped like a maniac until I was too cold to shoot more.  It was fun!

Now, I can’t tell you any camera settings on any of these shots, haha, largely because I kept changing them while tooling around and because I wasn’t paying attention.  I can tell you, however, that the “photo studio” consists of 2 thin pieces of white formica-like material–one on the floor, one leaning against the wall–and 2 “softboxes”, created by mounting thin white fabric on large wooden frames (approximately 36″ square, give or take), with one shoplight behind each one.  It’s ghetto, but it works for what Husband needs, and is easy to move out of the way when not in use (and the shoplights double as, well, shoplights).

So, here are some of my favorite shots from the quick shoot (all in all, it was prob about 15 minutes of shooting, 10 minutes of bribing, and 25 minutes of laughing and having a good time) 🙂  Worth noting, for the sake of Dog’s vanity, that she’s in major need of visiting the groomer for a haircut, LOL!

So those are the best ones, I think… but of course, I’ve got a couple outtakes 😉  I’ll segway into them with what’s a cute shot, but funny because of the little sneery expression she’s got on her face.   RAWR!

Somehow, I managed to get 4 shots of her with her tongue sticking out, and one of her licking her face (remember… there was significant “don’t go sniff over there stay here” bribery going on).

And then there’s the “ok fine, I won’t sniff over there, I’ll sniff inyourface!” shot… or, if you prefer, the “check out my crazy toefur” shot 😉

And the escape (which also kinda shows a tiny bit of the setup)!

Hope you enjoyed… Trixie’s full of character, and is an absolutely delightful dog! We love her to pieces 🙂 In case you’re wondering, she’s a shelter mutt, and will be 5 in December.  We adopted her in July 2006, and I’d found her on 🙂

4 Comments to “Photoshoot: Supermutt”

  1. Beautiful images! I love her expressions! Great work!

  2. ALSO: love the compostition of most of these pictures. So. cute.

  3. Absolutely adorable dog! What kind is he/she?

  4. She a mutt 🙂 We got her at a shelter.

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