Who does it better…?

Walmart & Miley Cyrus-Max Azaria (left), or Charlotte Russe (right)?

The Walmart version is $8, from $10, and only available in XL (in cream, it’s available in teal, purple and black as well).  The Charlotte Russe version is $22.99 and available in cream only.  It also has a nifty bow detail on the back.

FWIW, earlier today I posted mentioning I’d headed to Walmart to snag a shirt by Miley-Max, and found another one as well.  The above shirt is the one I’d had my eye on!  I’m glad I got the Walmart version, as it’s my pick for the better design (I like the curve of the bow instead of the straight line over the right breast, I’m not digging the bow detail on the back of the Charlotte Russe one, and I would much rather spend $8, which is what I paid, than $23).

I wonder how Miley and Max feel…

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