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March 15, 2010

Shoot-Friendly Snacks

I’m a huge advocate of models bringing snacks to shoots.  It means you can keep your energy up, that you don’t have to worry about the photographer providing food, and that you’ll have something on-hand that you know you like and can eat (which is important for those with dietary restrictions or food allergies).

That said, here are some suggestions, compiled thanks to numerous ideas from other models and photographers alike. I’ve put a variety of things together, because sometimes, you just need that salt or sugar kick 😉  Also, if you’re looking for healthier stuff, look for whole grains instead of items that aren’t–they’re better for you.  For items that you feel may need to be refrigerated, a small cooler bag and an ice pack can always take care of that.  And when it comes to bringing your own drinks, don’t forget to pack straws, as they can help you prevent makeup mishaps!

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