Object of Lust: Nook

I’m totally obsessed, and I haven’t even gotten a chance to play with it in-stores yet!  I just snagged a pamphlet on the way out a couple weeks ago, and did some research.  I most definitely want one!  I’m thinking of maybe seeing if I can get one before heading out to Maui… the way I read, it’ll be far easier (and lighter-weight) to take this along versus :does the math: the 4 or 5 actual books I’m sure I’ll read while there/traveling to and from.

The Barnes&Noble Nook eBook Reader.

2 Comments to “Object of Lust: Nook”

  1. um… If you’re reading books on your honeymoon you’re doing it wrong! 😛

  2. LOL Touche! 😉 I’ve very nearly always got my nose in a book. And there will be days of laying on the beach doing nothing… I can’t do nothing for very long. Plus I’ll need something to do during the hours of waiting in the airport, during 4 hour flight to LA, the 5+ hour flight to HI, and the flights home! I don’t sleep well on planes :/

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