My Everyday Style 20

I know, I’ve been lacking on this series.  Good news is, I’ve got a ton of outfits to publish thanks to Polyvore 🙂

For those who aren’t aware, hubby and I are finally taking a honeymoon.  Good news is, we are managing to do so within the first year of our marriage!  Woot!  Anyway, I’ve been using Polyvore to help me plan outfits to bring 😉  So this blog will be a little different (as well the ones following it), because instead of linking to each individual item, I’m going to link you direct to my Polyvore set, which makes it easier for you to shop!

Look 20: Laid Back Linen
I found a great pair of white linen pants at Discovery Clothing last week, and was inspired by them to make this set.  Since I’m not one to wear all white, I broke it up with a black tank and a denim jacket (in case it’s chilly), as well as a Liberty of London clutch from Target, and this super cute Eugina Kim for Target fedora (for some extra pops of color).  I snagged these great white wedges from Cutesygirl (where else, right?) and thought the sea horse necklace was a cute nautical touch.  I figure coral nails will really pop against all the neutrals and hints of blues and greens.  I figure this outfit will be perfect for a casual night out, or a day strolling around one of the towns 🙂

Get The Look: Shop using Polyvore!  Click here to find out where to get the items featured above.

The above items were chosen by me with no pay or endorsement requests from the stores, and I have no affiliation with Polyvore.

3 Responses to “My Everyday Style 20”

  1. aaahhhh polyvore so great 🙂 sweet style.

  2. Great article here! Very clear and informative; well written and I can see you put a lot of time and effort into it. Good combination with this dress and it’s really nice articles and so awesome, impressive.


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